ROW Stewardship and Digital Solutions

November 02, 2017

I had the pleasure of speaking at a workshop during last month's New York Utility Arborist Association annual meeting to discuss ROW Stewardship and Digital Solutions. The focus of the presentation was to demonstrate how Clearion can help organizations implement and manage the best practices..

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How Dedicated Product Support Can Lead to Valuable Product Enhancements

October 03, 2017

When I started with Clearion just over a year ago, I was doing general support but I gravitated quickly toward actively supporting our telecom contractors simply because of the volume of work. Our main telecommunications customer brings on lots of new contractors on a routine basis.

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Think Big. Start Small. Even with Training.

August 29, 2017


In today’s bite-sized, personalized world, there’s a lot to be said for short and sweet—and made especially for me.  This concept applies to Twitter feeds, Spotify playlists, Stitch Fix personal stylists and, of course, corporate training processes.

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Engineering Today’s Telecom Fiber Routes

August 16, 2017

At the recent PGA Championship in Charlotte this weekend, 200,000 spectators were snapping and sharing photos of their favorite golfers to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Everyone was connected to WiFi and no one questioned how it worked. 

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Do, Do, Do Believe the Hype

August 09, 2017

We’re excited about the Clearion data processing engine (DPE) and now, nine months after introducing it, what’s the latest? Has the tool lived up to the hype? Yes, it has!

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Moving to Enterprise Integration: Installation #3 How Well is Your Utility Managing Post-Outage Investigations?

June 14, 2017

With the connected smart grid, today’s automated outage management systems (OMS) are savvy. If a tree falls across a power line, a resulting outage may occur at a nearby fuse, breaker or recloser and the OMS system will capture and track the occurrence. Utilities now know exactly when outages..

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So maybe we won't always have Paris

June 09, 2017


The transition of power between our previous and current presidential administration was, in that great national tradition, peaceful. Yet, major differences in policy are roiling many parts of our economy and regulatory environment. 

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Moving to Enterprise Integration: Installation #2 How Well is Your Utility Processing Administrative Information?

May 31, 2017


Or more specifically, how well is your utility processing administrative information among your vegetation management contractors and your AP/AR teams? Or your foresters?   

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Moving to Enterprise Integration: Installation #1 How Well is Your Utility Handling Customer Requests?

May 17, 2017


Every utility has to deal with customer trim requests; it’s the nature of the game (yes, pun intended). In fact, one of Clearion’s largest customers gets roughly 60,000 customer calls per year. It’s mind boggling. Yet, many utilities still do not have closed-loop processes. For some, the..

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Moving from a Silo to Enterprise Integration: The New Face of Vegetation Management Technology

May 03, 2017

With even a quick glance at the annual report from most utilities, you’re likely to likely to find terms like “responsible business,” “effective governance,” and, of course, “innovation and technology.” Despite this, companies continue to invest in vegetation management solutions that serve a..

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